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Decade Distribution

The Decade Distribution Suite is perfect for those organizations that buy, maintain and sell physical products. This Suite is optimized for both Ease of Use and accurate, dependable inventory management. (This Suite requires the installation of the Financial Suite, and if your operation requires "kits" [assemble to order parts], you will need the Manufacturing Suite as well)

Comprised of:

  • Inventory Management,

  • Order Processing, and

  • Purchasing

the Distribution Suite is fully capable of supporting multiple companies/divisions, multiple warehouses, and provides for order-ship-bill processing or bill-and-ship processing (if you need to integrate with a POS system).

From Requistioning to Approval to PO generation to Receiving to inter-warehouse transfers to Order Entry to Picking to Shipping to Billing, and with the occasional Return, the control of your inventory is unequaled.The Distribution Suite supports four cost methods for accounting (standard, weighted average, FIFO, and LIFO), and allows control of inventory "in bulk", by lot, and by serial number where appropriate.  Warehouse-level inventory can be controlled in bulk or by individual bin.

All Distribution modules are fully integrated with the Financial Suite, but if you have outside Financial Software (e.g. in a corporate umbrella situation, financial information can be "dumped" for external integration.

For more information about other Suites in the Decade application, use the following links:


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