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MXP Business Control System

The MXP family of Business Control Software has a long history in the small-to-medium business community.  Originally distributed under the VARNET brand from about 1979, the software became part of the MARCAM family in the early 1990s, then was "spun off" under the Foresight brand in 1995.  The latest major release is known as DECADE, and provides a fully integrated platform for Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing and Service-after-the-Sale operations.

With a modular architecture, you can use as much or as little Decade functionality as your business requires, and the underlying Progress(r) database can support thousands of users and petabyte-sized databases.

In addition to many embedded controls which allow you to tailor the software to your business requirements, your MXP license also allows you to customize the actual source code of the application, providing almost unlimited capabilities for system tuning.

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