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Decade Financials

The Decade Financial Suite is an integrated group of modules that provide a sound footing for the balance of the MXP application (or can be used by themselves if your operation does not require other components).

Comprised of:

  • General Ledger,

  • Accounts Payable,

  • Accounts Receivable, and

  • Fixed Assets (optional)

the Financial Suite is fully capable of supporting multiple companies/divisions, multiple country/currency operations, and has a fully customizable Financial Statement and Report generator.

Tax calculations and reporting are available for Sales Taxes, Inventory Taxes and Fixed Asset Taxes, and can be maintained manually, or (with other products like Avalara or others) in a completely automated environment.


Our processing architecture allows creation and modification of individual entries, daily or scheduled posting of entriies to modular journals, and scheduled integration of journals into the General Ledger.  This gives you nearly complete flexibility to work with entries before they are transferred into the Ledger, reducing the need for correcting GL Journal entries at month-end.

For more information about other Suites in the Decade application, use the following links:


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