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Our Customers

For more than 35 years, Foresight has worked with hundreds of companies, large and small, in dozens of industry "verticals", in dozens of countries on six continents .(McMurdo Station didn't want to pull the trigger.)

We're pleased to note that some of our customers have been using our products for well over 20 years, and continue to find that it meets their needs regardless of their expansion.  We're grateful for their loyalty.

On the other hand,some of our "graduates" have grown to such a degree as to be acquired, and have had to "move on" to some other application.  We like to think we had a hand in their growth.

We've highlighted a few of our current and former customers in the list below.  If you'd like some additional references, don't hesitate to ask. 


I can’t say enough good things about MXP/SMS – it is our company’s lifeline..

​Corporate VP

Many of our latest developments have only thrived due to our upgrade to Decade and some of the enhanced capabilities it offers..

​Senior Project Engineer

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