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At Foresight, we understand that different organizations have different business cycles, different levels of IT expertise, and different cultures. Because of these differing environments, we never expect that every customer will be on the same version of our software at the same time, and we will never force an upgrade or patch on a customer who is not ready for it.

On the other hand, we are always working on new features, enhancements, easier and more efficient ways of processing your data, and roughly 90% of this effort will only be available in the latest release or patch.


In order to make the upgrade process as painless as possible, we have developed a tool, fsInstaller, that allows your staff to create new databases and new "virtual" environments (e.g. for testing), compile and install releases, patches, and even individual programs with a few keystrokes and a couple of mouse clicks.  The fsInstaller tool is delivered with each major release of the MXP/Decade product, and is designed specifically to help you upgrade from all previous release of MXP, from version 6.2 forward.

There may be times when you, or one of your users, discovers a previously unknown issue somewhere in the product. Unfortunately, we are not able to test every possible scenario with every one of the options built into the MXP/Decade product, and occasionally one will "slip by".  If you are participating in one of our Annual Maintenance and Support Plans (AMSP), you are entitled to submit your issue for correction at no additional charge. (This can be done with any one of our normal contact methods, or you can use this form.)

Without an AMSP plan, you are still welcome to bring an issue to our attention, but resolution will be charged on a per hour basis.


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