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The Decade Business Control System gives you virtually complete control over your day-to-day business operations, while conforming to generally accepted financial and business practices.


In general there are Suites within the application, then Modules within each Suite, then Groups within each Module, and Functions within each Group.  Our customizable menuing system allows you to tailor the availability of functions by user or user-group, and our Security Maintenance function gives complete control of view/update capabilities down to the level of individual data elements.


System reports can be directed to any local or networked printer, and can be "defaulted" by individual user.  System output can also be routed to your filesystem, to a FAX server, to eMail or to an Excel workbook if required.


View/download the complete Decade Menu, or a full function list (all 3913 functions) using these links.

For more information about the individual Suites in the Decade application, use the following links:

Our open system also allows you to create new Suites, Modules, or functions if you need to further extend Decade's functionality.  We'll be glad to work with you in the design, programming and installation phases of any project you'd like to undertake.

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