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Decade - Updates

Here is a centralized location for all the latest updates to the MXP-Decade product suite. You'll notice the page is divided into three sections. The first is the latest MXP patch release, which points to our download site. (You'll need a userid and password to access this file.  If you don't have one, please contact us at info(at) The second section contains miscellaneous "fixes" or enhancements that we've developed since the last patch.  The last section describes our current development queue: what we're working on now to make Decade even better.


Latest Patch Release

April 30, 2015

MXP-Decade 10.6101

This is the latest published patch to the 10.6100 Decade release.  Best practice is to use the fsInstaller program (located in the /setup subdirectory) to install this patch.  (Note: you will be prompted for a user id and password before you can download this file.) (5.4 mb)

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The next Decade release (see below) will include a few -but critical- database updates, so micro-patches will not be available until the release is, well, released and customers have updated their schema.  Customers on support may, of course, contact us at any time for individual issue resolutions.


What We're Working On

It's been just over a year since we released 10.6, and we've done so much since then.  10.7 is set to include:

  • Larger screen resolution (either the current screens are just too small, or we need better reading glasses), including easier to read fonts

  • Completely rewritten Order Processing, including:

    • faster screen initiation and record lookups

      • Our benchmarks show over 40% faster for all processes

    • simplified order line shipments

    • improved back order processing

    • improved record locking (or not locking, as the case may be)

    • bulk picking, packing and shipping

    • ability to UNpick, UNpack, and/or UNship

    • on-screen invoice simulation

    • improved invoice reversal

    • order history (who made what change, when)

    • partial order cancellation, cancel remaining order lines/shipments

    • batch backorder generation

  • Integration with SPS eCommerce for EDI ordering, ASNs and invoices

  • Bulk approval for Purchase Orders secured by userid

  • Ease-of-use improvements to Service Order Entry

  • Integration with FaxFinder service for printing directly to FAX recipients

  • Integration with pdfMachine client for printing/emailing forms (e.g. emailed invoices)

  • AP Hold/Release functions for improving ability to bulk process vouchers with built-in management approval process(*)

  • Improved check voiding in AP with appropriate payable-reg entry

  • Ability to track/manage inventory through the warehouse at the "carton" level (*)

  • All development included in 10.6101 and beyond

  • ...and MUCH more (we'll deliver a complete diff report when 10.7 is available)


(*) - some 10.6101 customers may already have these features installed)


We will be doing a final user-test of the new OP module in early November, and plan to release 10.7 between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Give yourself a present!


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