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Decade Service

The Decade Service Suite is designed for those organizations that offer their customers a "service-after-the-sale" component.  Whether this component takes the form of accepting returns for repair in-house, product support, or a full complement of Field Technicians performing maintenance and repair, the Service Suite is your hub for improving customer loyalty and retention. (This Suite requires the installation of both the Financial and Inventory Management Suites, plus the Manufacturing Suite for in-house "depot" repair).

Comprised of:

  • Service Order Management,

  • Contract Administration, and

  • Help Desk

the Service Suite supports multiple technicians (with truck-level warehousing) and is tightly integrated with the underlying Financial and Inventory Suites, providing enhanced control of your repair operations. If you offer extended warranties or repair contracts, you are always aware of your liabilities and costs, and have extensive control of where your techs are, what they're doing now, and what they should be doing tomorrow.

Perhaps all you need is a centralized repository of product knowledge, or a library of issues and resolutions.  In this case, you may want to take advantage of the embedded HelpDesk module, which can act as a standalone knowledgebase, or can be integrated with Service Order Management to create SOs, dispatch technicians, and ensure approprioate follow-through and issue resolution.  Many of our customers also use HD as an internal resolution system for any issues that may come up in your internal operations.

For more information about other Suites in the Decade application, use the following links:


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