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Our Story

Foresight Software has been building and distributing enterprise-class business management systems (or ERP systems, if you will) since 1995, and as Varnet Software (our progenitor) since 1980.  As they say, "this ain't our first rodeo."  Our mission is to provide a rich suite of business applications to businesses who may have outgrown "off the shelf" packages, who are looking for a product that is fully integrated across all areas of their business, and who are not ready to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars licensing and implementing a soi disant "first tier" solution, but who also want a system which is fully supported, and has a rich community of users in similar situations.  If you sell a product or service, if you manufacture it, if you service it after the sale, or any combination of the above, the MXP suite may be just the solution you're looking for.

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