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Decade Manufacturing

The Decade Manufacturing Suite is designed for those organizations that manufacture and sell physical products. (This Suite requires the installation of both the Financial and Inventory Management Suites).

Comprised of:

  • Engineering,

  • Work Order Management,

  • Resource Planning, and

  • Job Shop Control

the Manufacturing Suite supports multiple facilities (internal and external) and is tightly integrated with the underlying Financial and Inventory Suites, providing enhanced control of your raw materials, WIP and finished goods inventory. Fully rolled up product costing ensures that your cost control is maintained, and flexible product structures make sure you're building the right product at the right time.


If your manufacturing is more geared for Engineer-to-order or Make-to-order (as opposed to Make-to-stock), you might consider our Job Shop module, as this is more tightly integrated with the Order Processing module and provides enhance job control and accounting.

From Forecasting to Master Scheduling (MPS) to Materials Planning (MRP), you're always looking ahead in the right direction.

For more information about other Suites in the Decade application, use the following links:


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