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I got tired of squinting

I'm 100% sure it's just because screen resolutions have gotten so much tighter and monitors have gotten so much bigger. It can't possibly have anything to do with age or hard living. Just can't.

At any rate, I've found myself dropping my reading glasses from my forehead to my nose, and leaning in to the screen more and more. Finally decided to do something about it, and it turned out to be SO much simpler than rebuilding every screen.

(This hack will be part of the upcoming 10.7 release, later this year, btw.)

If you'll open your progress.ini file in the /winenv directory, find the line that begins "DefaultFont=", and change the value to "DefaultFont=MS Sans Serif, size=10", you should get a MUCH more pleasant viewing experience. There are some few screens that acquire scroll bars with this setting, but not as many as I expected, and these will be resolved in the new release.

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